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The name “Mercy Street” to me summarises the core idea that inspired my commitment to pursuing a PhD focusing on the discourse related to active travel, particularly cycling and cyclists. Mercy, compassion, understanding, tolerance are all the opposites of what I see in our communications about cyclists. My project aims to identify the social-psychological currents that underlie the animosity directed against cyclists, so as to understand how we can change these sentiments and make roads safer and more attractive for vulnerable road users.



Milestones, presentations or publications.

Detail from poster summarising the findings from my analysis of social media discourse in Ireland

Poster: Cycling & Society

I presented a summary of the findings from my analysis of social media communication related to cycling and cyclists at the 2019 Cycling & Society symposium in Chester, UK. My[…]

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2019-11-02 0
Velo-City 2019

Presentation: Velo-City 2019

I presented the findings from my undergraduate research project, in which I examined how representation of cyclists in Road Safety Authority Ireland (RSA) multimedia affects perceptions of safety and social[…]

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2019-08-20 0

Presentation: Gendered Cycling Cultures

I presented the gendered aspects of my findings to date at the Gendered Cycling Cultures symposium Manchester Metropolitan University. A big thanks to Dr Cosmin Popan and Dr Kate Themen[…]

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2019-03-04 0

Research Project: Pedals to the People

My postgraduate research project examines the effect of social dynamics on cycling uptake, perceived and actual cycling safety, and the cycling experience.

Click the button to go to my profile on ResearchGate, and scroll down to view the project.

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Research Project: The Silent Message

My undergraduate research project examined the effect of the clothing in which cyclists are depicted in Road Safety Multimedia on perceptions of safety and social acceptability.

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