Nadia Williams

Detail from poster summarising the findings from my analysis of social media discourse in Ireland

Poster: Cycling & Society

I presented a summary of the findings from my analysis of social media communication related to cycling and cyclists at the 2019 Cycling & Society symposium in Chester, UK. My thanks for Professor Peter Cox for organising the event, and to all who attended and shared their knowledge.

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Velo-City 2019

Presentation: Velo-City 2019

I presented the findings from my undergraduate research project, in which I examined how representation of cyclists in Road Safety Authority Ireland (RSA) multimedia affects perceptions of safety and social acceptability. The presentation was not filmed on the day, but I made this video using my presentation slides.

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Presentation: Gendered Cycling Cultures

I presented the gendered aspects of my findings to date at the Gendered Cycling Cultures symposium Manchester Metropolitan University. A big thanks to Dr Cosmin Popan and Dr Kate Themen for this excellent event with really good talks and variety in other artefacts presented. Here is my contribution, slides and audio recorded after the fact:

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Presentation: Dutch Cycling Research Board

14 November 2018 The organisers had notified attendees that the conference would take a non-traditional approach and format. The goal was to not only have a monologue followed by brief opportunity for questions, instead, the goal through the whole conference would be to create dialogue, to give to as well as receive from presenters. All…
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Presentation: European Cycling Summit

Following a wonderful experience at the European Cycling Summit in Salzburg in September, this video of my talk was made available. This is an explanation of my principal hypothesis.

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Nadia Williams poster presentation: Radio Discourse Analysis

Report: Cycling and Society 2018

Postgraduate research usually fits into a discipline, such as, say, Psychology, where you can read publications or attend conferences aimed at Psychologists and feel at home. My research project is a little different from most of my fellow postgrads at Dundalk Institute of Technology in that it is topic-specific, rather than discipline-specific. I am in…
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Nightlife scene with bicycle in the foreground

Audiovisual Presentation: European Cycling Summit

I will be giving an audiovisual presentation at the European Cycling Summit taking place in Salzburg 24-26 September 2018. The topic will be my foundational hypothesis, and support for it from existing literature. I will also touch on my findings to date.

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Children cycling

Poster Presentation: Cycling and Society 2018

I will be presenting at the Cycling and Society symposium, taking place 6-7 September 2018 in Bristol. This presentation will be an academic poster summary of findings from the critical analyisis of radio broadcasts related to cycling and cyclists in Ireland.

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